Friday, January 2, 2009

new years eve is overrated

new years eve was quite...interesting. i was dreading it to begin with and it ended horrible.

so nobody could decide what they were going to do so Bison decided to have people over at his house. when i asked who was all coming he started naming all these couples. i HATE doing couple things, even though i'm in a couple. i think they're awkward and weird. i casually mention how couple things make me uncomfortable which led to fight #1. he took it as i didn't want people over at his house. whatever.

so i invited my single gal pal, Miss Basketball, who i work with and was in town visiting her parents. and i insisted Bison invited some of his single friends.

So after everyone showed up it turned out to be 4 singles and 5 couples. not a bad turnout. Miss Basketball and i decided to start playing games in the kitchen. then the 3 other single people joined us. Bison started playing games in the living room with the 5 couples. this is how it was the entire night! the singles and i in the kitchen, couples and Bison in the living room. funny how it turned out that way. Bison didn't even talk to me for 3.5 hours until after the couples left around 1 am. by that time he was drunk and wanted to talk, and i was pissed cause he ignored me the entire night. it's not like i wanted him to be by my side the whole time holding my hand, but i would have liked to talk to him for 5 minutes.

i went to bed around 2, he didn't come in till almost 4. i didn't say a word about anything, as i didn't want to start a fight.

the next morning after everyone left he asked if i had fun. i said it was okay. he didn't like that answer and led to fight #2. i simply said it would have been better if he would have acknowledged me for 5 minutes and he said he didn't realize that he was ignoring me and that he was sorry. you would think that would have been the end of the conversation but no such luck. then he went off about how i hated couple things and that i was attacking him. mean things were said, i broke down and started crying. i have never cried that hard in front of him or because of him, but he was being horrible. sometimes i really think i'm not cut out to be in a relationship.

he felt bad that i was crying and then we finally talked about things. my friend C was in town and asked if i wanted to go to movie. Bison told me that i should go so that we could spend a couple hours apart to calm down. so i went and when i got back things were good. he said he actually missed me when i was gone. i still hate new years eve.

last night we had a good time though. we made supper and had his twin brother and his wife over. they left and i whooped his ass in scrabble. so things are good between us now.

his roommate, Mr. Nurse, is driving me nuts. i think he hates that i'm here and keeps making comments to me. we were playing cards new years eve and when i took his card he said "first you take my best friend, then my cards". ouch. he also made a comment about my tattoo. we were sitting around talking about tattoos and he asked if i had one. i said yes. he said, Bison just loves tattoos! (and this was very sarcastic) i was unaware that he hated tattoos and Mr. Nurse made me feel like an idiot. also, then other night i had a coke in the fridge. he drank it without asking. apparently i need to label my things at Bisons house like i do at work.

it's a new year and i need to have a new and improved attitude about things. this is many of the things i need to work on but more on that later!

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Keep moving forward said...

wow that does sound like a new years eve I was glad i missed. I actually didn't even realize it was the new year,cause I was so caught up in my movie. I'm glad you worked it out though. Hope everything else is going well.