Wednesday, January 7, 2009

can a person really forget to go to the bathroom?

i really do like working with the age of children that i do (ages 3-6)...most of the time. the times i don't like it so much is when things happen like they did today.

i looked over at a girl who was sitting at the snack table munching on a rice krispy treat when i noticed she had a weird look on her face. suddenly i heard water hitting the floor that really kind of sounded like a waterfall.

she peed all over the chair and floor, and i mean ALL over. it looked like she hadn't went to the bathroom in 3 days. i understand accidents happen with the younger ones, but this girl is almost 5. she is a very bright little girl who is adding and almost reading. she said she "forgot" to go to the bathroom. how does that happen?! was she really that wrapped up in her rice krispy treat that she couldn't think of anything else?

cons of working at a private school: there is no janitor, therefore the teachers have to clean up messes such as this one. since i never clean up vomit due to high gag reflex, i decided to take one for the team and clean up the urine.

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