Friday, January 23, 2009

catching up...

i have so much catching up to do with everyone's blog! it's been forever since i've had time to sit down and write!

i'm stressed out with work. not so much with the kids, but with the environment i work in. for example, over half of the light bulbs are burnt out in the gym. it is so dreary in there. all of the light bulbs are burnt out in the library. today i had to use a cow flashlight that mooed every 20 seconds to find new books for next week. i mean really, will somebody please change the dam light bulbs?!!? that's another thing that sucks about being at a private school...when something goes wrong, there is no maintenance person to fix it. also, i feel like some people that are above me (aka my boss and board members) just don't give a shit. it's frustrating when things don't get done that needs to be.

my assistant and i were talking about how our blood pressure is probably skyrocketed at the end of every day. she brought her blood pressure cuff so we could check it. sure enough, from the morning to the afternoon mine was 12 points higher!

things have been great with Bison. i really do think he's the sweetest boyfriend ever. he's nice, but not TOO nice. he definitely puts me in my place when needed. i like to see how far i can push people and see what i can get away with. he has caught on to this and already knows how to handle me. i just got to his house and am waiting for him to get off work. i reason i came this weekend was for his christmas party. i hate christmas parties (not like we get them where i work), but i won't know anyone there. he doesn't even know many people, as he just started 3 months ago and there are like 300 employees. oh well, i'm just along for the ride i guess....and to take advantage of the free food and drinks.

i am totally addicted to the show snapped. it's a show about ladies snapping and killing their loved ones, whether it be a husband, sister or mom. my favorite episode is when there is a lady who kills her mom, sticks here in a garbage can and duck tapes it shut. the lady keeps the garbage can in storage. the police find it when the lady stops making payments on the storage room. the part i love is when the lady who does the voice over says, "they ruled out suicide...". haha, duh! love it! it's on thursday nights, right after greys. i used to love greys, but the thing they are doing with izzy is dumb. from what i gather, they are going to give her a brain tumor. i think there would have been better ways to do that than bring her denny back from the dead. dumb!

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