Tuesday, November 25, 2008

never thought i'd have to label my banana...

this morning i woke up without a voice. before i left for work i thought to myself, when i get there i will have some hot chocolate which will make my throat feel better. i knew i still had a packet of hot chocolate in the cupboard so didn't grab one. i get to work, make hot water, look in the cupboard and see that somebody had taken my hot chocolate. i was pissed. i know it's only hot chocolate, but why do people think they can just take other peoples things? last week my string cheese went missing out of the fridge. so today i labeled everything with my name on it, including my banana. i just figured that we were all adults and i wouldn't of had to do that. i was wrong. how irritating and i can't wait till thanksgiving break.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just draw a penis on it...

so i was showing my students how to put this lion art project together, like where the body, head and tail go. i put it all together when a little girl says, "if you want to make it a boy just draw a penis on it." it completely took me off guard and i could only respond with "uhhh, no...we don't do that." lord knows i didn't want 19 lions going home with penis's on them...parents would probably wonder what the heck i was teaching their 4 year olds.

things with Bison are super good. he is so amazing and i am lucky to have him in my life. he stayed with me saturday on his way back from hunting and we just sat and talked for over 3 hours. not once did i have the urge to turn on the tv or fall asleep. it was a good conversation. he met my mom last thursday on his way to go hunting...i had anxiety about that. i have never had my mom meet a boyfriend. my long term ex she had already known, and no other guys were good enough for me to take home. so this was huge. she really liked him and told me to hold on to him.

i hate christmas shopping...it should be a joyous and fun time of year but it just makes me crabby. salespeople are very unhelpful, other shoppers push, and the lines are ridiculous. i swear, next year i'm starting in april.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

let it snow...

you would think after living in ND for almost 26 years that i would be used to the snow...but no such luck.

it is not only snowing, but it's a flipping blizzard. absolutely ridiculous. why i live here...no idea whatsoever. i HATE being cold, yet it is cold here 8 months out the year. i can't even see out the window cause there is so much snow caked on it.

good thing about the blizzard...parent/teacher conferences were postponed till next week. bad thing about blizzard...parent/teacher conferences were postponed till next week. i had one night of them last night and really wanted to just get them over with tonight. but then again i was exhausted and couldn't imagine putting in another 13 hour day.

i was supposed to go see Bison tomorrow...pretty sure interstate is closed at the moment. it's supposed to clear up tomorrow afternoon but i don't really believe those weather guys. another con about long distance relationships in ND-that mother nature decides when and how often two people can see each other 8 months out the year.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

busy busy busy

i have been so crazy busy lately. do you ever get so busy that one day you wake up and wonder what you did the last two weeks?

between halloween, working two jobs and getting ready for parent/teacher conferences i seriously have had no life whatsoever. i was sleeping by 9:30 last night and didn't even get to see the last part of the hills. but, i woke up at 5:30 this morning and they were replaying it (imagine that) so i got to see that heidi got fired!! man, spencer is a douche...every time he pops his weaselly face into an episode i want to change the channel.

i did remember to watch jon and kate plus 8. i love those little kids, they are SO cute. then the duggarts were on, 17 and counting. really?!? 17 children! her vagina is like a clown car!

i start conferences tomorrow. i do them wed and thurs till like 8 each night. that means i will be working for 13 hours each day....ew. but, i get friday, monday and tuesday off so that is a plus. i'm going to see bison this weekend. we are going to the Buckcherry concert sunday night, i am definitely pumped for that.

also, an ex (we'll call him the Spencer of Fargo) had checked my myspace page and saw i was dating someone. he wrote to me to ask about it. my life became none of his business when he decided he didn't want to hang out with me anymore. it's not like we were friends before we dated, why would we be friends now?? i think he's an arrogant person. i think only in certain situations you can be friends with an ex. in this case with the Spencer of Fargo....no such luck. and it just so happens that this guy knows Bison, because he works with Bison's ex-wife. god, it sounds like a soap opera. it just irritates me that he even asked me about it, because like i mentioned, we are not friends. i guess if i saw him on the street i'd say hi, but i would never call, text or email him. and the fact that i let it bother me, bothers me even more.