Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just draw a penis on it...

so i was showing my students how to put this lion art project together, like where the body, head and tail go. i put it all together when a little girl says, "if you want to make it a boy just draw a penis on it." it completely took me off guard and i could only respond with "uhhh, no...we don't do that." lord knows i didn't want 19 lions going home with penis's on them...parents would probably wonder what the heck i was teaching their 4 year olds.

things with Bison are super good. he is so amazing and i am lucky to have him in my life. he stayed with me saturday on his way back from hunting and we just sat and talked for over 3 hours. not once did i have the urge to turn on the tv or fall asleep. it was a good conversation. he met my mom last thursday on his way to go hunting...i had anxiety about that. i have never had my mom meet a boyfriend. my long term ex she had already known, and no other guys were good enough for me to take home. so this was huge. she really liked him and told me to hold on to him.

i hate christmas shopping...it should be a joyous and fun time of year but it just makes me crabby. salespeople are very unhelpful, other shoppers push, and the lines are ridiculous. i swear, next year i'm starting in april.

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