Sunday, January 11, 2009

hungover as hell...

i am way hungover's 5:30 at night and i still feel like i could throw up. i had a gal pals over last night for a "game night". it was a good time, but for some reason i thought i was a good idea to drink a whole bottle of while during a drinking game. ew. the minute i laid down last night i was up again running to the bathroom. that hasn't happened in months!
friday night i worked at the bar. i really don't mind working there and the people i work with except the bartender, mighty mouse. he's this little short scrawny man who has "little big man syndrome". he's little but acts like he's huge and could whoop anyones ass.
he's a prick to me all of the time. he's a prick to me because he knows dam well i'm not going to stand up to him and tell him where to go. within the first 5 minutes of getting to work he managed to piss me off. he was yelling at me about the schedule and saying i owed him a thank you for working for me on saturday. i said, "listen here little man i am not on the schedule for tomorrow so you aren't doing me a favor. check it again". i could step on him and squash him if i wanted to. then he tried kissing my ass the entire night. he drives me absolutely crazy as his ego is bigger than the bar.

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