Monday, January 5, 2009

when it rains, it pours

it has been the worst workday yet since since august. stick a fork in me, i'm done...

first of all, i couldn't sleep worth a crap this morning. i finally said screw it at 5:30 and got up, was at work at 6:30. i find out at 7:25 my assistant wouldnt be in today because her son was sick. the only sub that we could find could only stay until 12:30.

anyway, 8:10 rolls around and my boss "forgets" (and what i really mean is she just didn't tell me) that i was getting a new student today. there is a shitload of stuff to do to get ready for a new least 30 minutes of things anyway. i couldn't believe it was the first day back from vacation, a monday morning, 20 minutes before the kids come to class and she is sitting here telling me a new kid is coming. my thoughts....what the fuck.

so 2 minutes after i find this out the family and new kid showed up. i probably sounded like a complete tool, as i was still in shock that i didn't know about this sooner. my boss and another coworker apparently found this out a week ago. i guess they "forgot" to give me the memo.

i just had the whatever attitude, as there wasn't anything i could do about it. the kid just wouldn't have a take home folder, cubby, extra work folder, snack stick, attendence name tag...

at about 10 we went to the gym to play a game...a little girl throws up which led to me gagging. my assistant usually handles things like this for me because i can't even stand to know someone is puking. so the sub cleaned it up, thank god.

12:00 rolls around and boy starts crying saying he had a headache. i called dad and it took 30 minutes for him to come. the sub left for the day which meant i was on my own.

at 2:35 my boss comes to my room..."is everything okay in here? i totally spaced it out that you were by yourself back here...oops!" and she laughs. i gritted my teeth and told her i was i was still completely pissed at her for throwing a new student on me 20 minutes before school started. after that a kid spilled sand all over the floor and table and as i was cleaning that up another one was trying to dump soap shavings in the garbage but completely missed the garbage and was all over the floor.

one of my things to work on this year was to have a better attitude at's tough when days like today happen. at least tomorrow is a new day and it probably can't get much worse (knock on wood).

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