Sunday, December 14, 2008

the weather outside is frightful

i did not make it back home this weekend due to the weather. this is what it looks like out...

it would be fabulous if work was canceled tomorrow.

i am beginning to not like christmas. i usually like buying things for people. but this year, nobody will tell me what they want and i still have like 3 gifts to give. i like to be done shopping by now, as i HATE crowded stores. when i am in a crowded store i honestly have a panic attack. i start sweating and get dizzy and want to get the heck out of there. i wanted to try to finish up by tomorrow, but-it is supposed to be -45 degrees with the wind joke. i doubt i will even be going to the bank to deposit my check.

my birthday is on wednesday but we are celebrating it today. and when i say we i mean me, my sister (K) and her boyfriend (D). i invited C over for supper, but i doubt she'll make it with the 6 ft tall snow drifts all over. K made me breakfast and is making me shrimp primavera for supper. and i think they got me a ice cream cake! whoo hoo!


avm0525 said...

I have two sweaters,a scarf and an iPod hidden in my closet. That's it. I'm hoping to finish up my shopping for my three kids and an odd assortment of friends and such by Thursday. I am usually finished shopping by December 1st. I did decorate the fireplace today. No tree yet.

Ms. Megan said...

You celebrated your birthday on my birthday... and incase I don't get back online tomorrow Happy Birthday!