Tuesday, December 9, 2008

apologies should be sincere...

so i had my phone off for most of the night last night, not wanting to talk to anyone. i turned it on to check messages before i went to sleep and had 4 texts from Bison. the last one said, "please don't ignore me". i felt bad so i texted him back and asked what he wanted.

he ended up calling me. Bison asked if i was mad and i told him i needed an apology for him hanging up on me. this is his apology..."I'm really sorry for hanging up on you babe, BUT I didn't like the things you were saying". wow...what a sincere apology!!! we talked for maybe ten minutes, the conversation ended with him saying he was going to bed and didn't want to argue anymore, which was more than fine by me.

we NEVER used to argue. i don't get it, and i really don't even understand what we're arguing about. in my opinion, relationships shouldn't be hard. they should be easy and fun. if it's gets stressful, then really what's the point?

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Keep moving forward said...

I KNOW!!! If you have to work that hard this early in the relationship, think of how hard you might have to work in the future. Sorry that was my pessimism shining through!